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updated October 2011:
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A new book 'Take it To the Bridge, Dundee's Rock and Pop History' has been published and includes several quotes from Spare Snare, plus an insight in to the bands history.  
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Spare Snare have been recording the start of what will be a new album for 2012.


'I Am God' download single is available now.


Victor - listed as the 19th best Scottish album of 2010.  thankyou.


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We're very excited to announce that all Spare Snare's catalogue (that's albums and singles, many never on CD before) are now available to download, as well as related titles on Chute, including 'Dubreq', 'The Beatles, etcetera', 'The White Leather Club' and 'Hamfisted'.

A Spare Snare download only album (Needle Drop) and e.p. (Hello Honky Tonks) are also available.

There are also a selection of live show recordings (the complete gig for the price of a single).  Please note, because of Apple / itunes pricing policy, the live shows are wrongly priced, we suggest you get them via Amazon for £0.69 / $0.89.

We're hoping to have Stoor, Muppet Mule and Condition Blue tracks available when we can find the masters!

The downloads are available from all your favourite folk, including those on the above links, just search under;
Spare Snare
The White Leather Club
The Beatles, etcetera

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