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Dubreq e.p.
The Beatles, etcetera.
Smile, It's Sugar (One)
As A Matter Of Fact
Bugs (7" edit)
Calling In The Favours
I Got You (Split Enz Cover)
Crazy Sort Of Hum (September 70 Remix) (Long Version)
Wired For Sound (Cliff Richard Cover Version)
Super Slinky (One)
Hamfisted e.p.
Profile Check
Hard Of Hearing
Smile, It's Sugar
Sort It For Afterwards
Animals And Me
Garden Leave
Hello Honky Tonks
I Love You, I Hate You
Learn To Play
Live At Home
Love Your Early Stuff
Needle Drop
Say My Name (Destinys Child Cover) / Everybody Knows That (Humblebum Cover Version)
VPRO Versions
Westfield Lane
Strange And Silent Staircase (Number One Cup Cover)
Shandy On The Rocks
What Is It
Spare Snare - 99p Club 13th Note, Glasgow 08.09.1994
Spare Snare - Arts Centre, Norwich, 25.03.1996
Spare Snare - Cas Rock, Edinburgh, August 1997
Spare Snare - Edinburgh
Spare Snare - Fleece And Firkin, Bristol 02.09.1996
Spare Snare - Jan solo Upstairs At The Garage, London 06.04.97
Spare Snare - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow 20.10.1995
Spare Snare - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, 28.12.2006
Spare Snare McGonagalls, Dundee 02.12.1995
Spare Snare- McGonagalls, Dundee 28.10.1995
Spare Snare - T in the Park, Scotland 05.08.1995
Spare Snare - The Attic, Edinburgh, January 1997
Spare Snare - The Flapper And Firkin, Kingston Row, Birmingham, 29.03.1996
Spare Snare - The Rep, Dundee, 27.12.2006
Spare Snare Upstairs At The Garage, London 30.08.1996
Spare Snare - West Port Bar, Dundee, 01.09.1994
Spare Snare - Y Club, Chelmsford 27.03.1996
'I Am God' / 'I Am God (Instrumetal)' Single