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Split single with The Summer Hits.

Spare Snare - 'Boom Boom Boom (One)'
The Summer Hits - 'Away From The

Catalogue Number: 100GM-14

Released 1996 on 100 Guitar Mania.

Japanese 7" in blue vinyl and numbered.
Split single with Lazer Boy.

Spare Snare - 'Haircut'
Lazer Boy - 'Aye Aye Captain'

Catlogue Number: CHUTE006

Released 1996 on Chute.

U.K. 7" with hand painted rubber stamped sleeve.
Split single with Coastal Cafe.

Spare Snare -
'Hard Of Hearing'
'Lesbians In Waistcoats'

Catalogue Number: LISS21

Released 1998 on Lissy's.

U.K. 7" release.
Split single with Number One Cup.

Spare Snare - 'Strange And Silent Staircase'
Number One Cup - 'Smile, It's Sugar'

Catalogue Number: BRRC10095

Released 1997 on Flydaddy / Blue Rose.

U.K. / U.S. 7" release with each band covering the others song. Each side of the sleeve was designed by each band. this release was volume 1 of the Flydaddy / Blue Rose Money Pit series. Some copies were numbered.
'Leaders In Lightcontrol Extended Player'
Split single with isan and David Wrench.

Spare Snare - 'Profile Check'

Catalogue Number: SAP703

Released 1997 on Hummy and Joey.

U.K. 7" in two colour sleeve.
'Everybody Knows That'
'Say My Name'

Catalogue Number: CHUTE013

Released 2001 on Chute.

U.K. 7" featuring covers of The Humblebums and Destiny's Child.
'Calling In The Favours'

Catalogue Number: BEBOP23

Released 2001 on Bad Jazz.

U.K. 7" on white vinyl.
'Crazy Sort Of Hum'
September70 remix
'Crazy Sort Of Hum'
September70 remix edit

Catalogue Number: CHUTECD009

Released 2002 on Chute.

U.K. CDR release.

80 of these CDR's were made for promotional use only. Due to the limitations of CDR's and certain CD players, some copies featured the track six times. The covers featured cut out photographs of 'celebrities' from HEAT magazine. They were then hand painted and numbered, and featured an insert.
'Bruising You'
'What You've Done'

Catalogue Number: 3G-19

Released 1998 on Third Gear.

U.S. 7" available on clear or black vinyl. Features a different version of 'Bruising You' to that on the 'Mortal Wombat' 7".
Split single with Dakota Suite and New Bad Things.

Spare Snare - 'T.R.E.'

Catalogue Number: RB001

Released 1997 on Rebound.

Dutch 7" released by the magazine Rebound.
'Sort It For Afterwards'
'In The City'

Catalogue Number: CHUTE014

Released 2006 on Chute.

U.K. 7" on purple vinyl.
525 copies pressed.
Split single with And His Voice Became.

Spare Snare - 'Riding' (Bracken Mix)
And His Voice Became - 'Lost'

Catalogue Number: FERN07

Released 2006 on Bracken.

U.K. 7" numbered with hand made sleeve and blue  marble vinyl.
300 copies pressed.
'I Am God'
'I Am God (Instrumental)'

Catalogue Number: CHUTEDL071D

Released 2011 on Chute.

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