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'The Camden Crawl'

Released 1995 on Love Train.

Catalogue Number: PUBE07

U.K. CD features 'As A Matter Of Fact'.
'CMJ New Music June #11'

Released 1994 by CMJ Magazine.

Catalogue Number: CMJ-NMM011

U.S. CD features U.S. 7" version of 'As A Matter Of fact'.

Released 1996 on Silver Girl.

Catalogue Number: SG-027

U.S. cassette features 'Clutch Me Now'.
'Certain Damage Volume 70'

Released 1995 by CMJ Magazine.

Catalogue Number: CMJ#70

U.S. CD features 'Bugs'.
'12 into 10'

Released 1995 by the 10 Day Weekend Festival, Glasgow.

Catalogue Number: TENMC1

U.K. cassette features 'Thorns'.
'Seriously Scottish'

Re-released 2002 by the Scottish Arts Council.

Catalogue Number: SMIC02/01

U.K. CD features 'I'll Get By'.  Repressed and released with slight changes to cover, liner notes and track listing.
'Stuck On AM'

Released 1996 on 770 Radio K / TRG.

Catalogue Number: TRG89319-2

Double U.S. CD features a live radio session version of 'Bugs'.
Recorded for 'Off The Record' radio show on 770 Radio K Minneapolis in 1994.  Featured on the second CD as a hidden track.
'NME C96'

Released 1996 by the NME.

Catalogue Number: NMECDC96

U.K. CD features 'Aftertaste'.

Released 1997 on Cassiel.

Catalogue Number: CASSIEL006

U.S. CD features 'Scabble'.
'Deceptive Fifty'

Released 1998 on Deceptive.

Catalogue Number: BLUFF050CD

U.K. CD features 'Smile, It's Sugar'.  Initial copies misspelt Spare Snare as 'Snare Snare'.
'Jockrock' fanzine

Released 2001 by the Jockrock fanzine as a cover mounted CDR.

No catalogue number.

U.K. CD features 'No Soul'.
'Seriously Scottish Volume 2'

Released 2000 by the Scottish Arts Council.

Catalogue Number: SMICD001/002

U.K. CD features 'I'll Get By'.
'The Tip Sheet #131'

Released 1995 by The Tip Sheet.

Catalogue Number: Tipsheet131

U.K. Promotional CD by music industry magazine 'THe Tip Sheet'.  Features Deceptive Christmas single 'Wired For Sound' with additional "The Tip Sheet" voice over during intro.
'Deceptive Christmas Compilation'

Released 1995 by Deceptive.

Catalogue Number: BLUFF001Xmas CD

U.K. Promotional CD for Deceptive Christmas singles.  Features 'Wired For Sound'.
'Everything Is Ending Here'

Released 2003 by Homesleep.

Catalogue Number: rec2014

Italian CD features 'Dancing With The Elders'.  This is a Pavement tribute double CD featuring 36 bands.
'is this music?' magazine

Released 2004.

Contains free CDR compilation.

Catalogue number: itm009

U.K. CD features 'The Game'.
'Deep Peace'

Released 2004 by Autoclave.

Catalogue Number: CLAVE006

U.K. CD features 'Taking On The Sides'. This is a compilation to raise funds and awareness for Trident Ploughshares.
'John Peel's Festive Fifty 1995'

Released 2005

No Catalogue Number

Bootleg U.K. four disc CD features Spare Snare at number 32 with 'Bugs'. These discs contain the full festive fifty, numbered out of 250 and available in independent record stores.
'Kats Karavan - The History Of John Peel On The Radio'

Released 2009 by Universal.

Catalogue Number: 271415-1

U.K. 4 x CD box set features 'Taking On The Sides'.
'Disco Sucks'

Released 1996 on Che.

Catalogue Number: CHE60CD

U.K. CD features 'I Got You'.  Also available on a 7" box set, CHE60, containing 8 x 7" singles.  The box is white with individual cartoons glued to the cover.
'A Mind Expansion compilation 2'

Released 2008 by Mind Expansion.

Catalogue Number: ME-2015/2016

U.S. CD features 'Bugs'.
'Is This Music?'

Released 2006

No Catalogue Number

Issue 23, magazine with free CD featuring 'Riding'.
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