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Well, where do we start?  
Let's make it brief...  Jan made a record, then put together a band to play live.  
He asked Barry, Alan and Paul, and they toured America, released an album and various singles.  
The line up varies, depending on who's around.  
Paul has left, Ross joined, then left, and a new Ross joined and left. Graeme and Kevin appeared for one show, as Alan left,  now Kevin has gone, and Alan returned, while Graeme stayed.  Adam has now also joined.

Originating from Dundee, Scotland, Spare Snare have been releasing music since 1993, and released their 9th album in 2010.

They have four BBC John Peel radio sessions and a BBC6 Marc Riley session under their belt and have been name checked by Snow Patrol and Idlewild as influences.

A handful of appearances at ‘T in the Park’, touring America, and the UK, have landed them the appearance as the 46th greatest band from Scotland as voted by The List magazine.

Their style originated with a lo-fi rock template, but has dipped in to folk, always experimenting, and always with a good tune involved.

In 2008 they had the bizarre privilege to cover ‘Amazing Grace’ for BBC Radio Two’s Aled Jones Sunday show.  Spare Snare are the only band to have recorded sessions for both John Peel and Aled Jones!

Spare Snare’s last album, entitled ‘Victor’ was recorded at home, over several weekends as a live band, and then fine tuned by band leader, Jan Burnett.

Spare Snare are currently:

Jan Burnett - vocals, guitar
Alan Cormack - bass, guitar, drums
Barry Gibson - drums, bass, guitar
Adam Lockhart - keyboards
Graeme Ogston - guitar, bass, drums

Jan started 'Chute Records' initially as a vehicle for Spare Snare releases. By going to 'discography', you can discover the releases.  
You may also want to look in to 'chute'.
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